Amie and I have known each other for a long time. A long time as in grade school age (and we're in our mid 30s). I hadn't seen her since High School, until last year. She reached out to me to photograph her late Brother's Golf Outing to support Leukemia and Blood Cancer Research; Eric Scherbarth Leukemia Research Foundation. I loved donating my time to their family for the past two years, as they are some of the kindest and warm hearted individuals you will ever meet, so if this is how I can help, i'll do it!

Amie's Husband, Jay, serves in the US Military, so they have lived all over the country. They recently moved from Washington State to St. Louis, so they have a little shorter of a commute back home these days. I was so happy when Amie asked me to take their family photos this year. She comes back to visit throughout the year, and it was so excited we were able to make this happen! It was so great catching up with Amie, and her parents (who came along to help get some extra smiles out of the kiddos) and chatting a bit with Jay.

I love that this photography journey has brought so many people back into my life, and that I am able to help them capture these great memories. We had the perfect (yet, a little chilly) early Fall evening. Rain may have been looming but the evening produced an amazing sky, and even more perfect sunset. What a great session!

{If you'd like to read more about Eric's story, or learn how you can help with Blood Cancer Research, visit the ESLF site for more information! *Linked above}