“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.¨ — Khalil Gibran

My baby turned two.

On 8/8, my baby turned two. It feels like just yesterday we were headed out to the hospital for a planned c-section. We were anticipating a completely routine procedure, with little to no stress, unlike his older brother. Everyone was calm, prepared and excited for us to arrive. 9 am couldn't come fast enough.

I was wheeled to the operating room, given my epidural, and laid on the table; Anxiously awaiting little Archie's arrival. Everything took a little longer than I had remembered the first time around, but it was an other-world experience non the less.

Ten fingers, and ten toes... all accounted for. It took longer than usual for the doctors and nurses to pass him over the veil to me. He wasn't breathing on his own, and turning blue. They tried their magic, but thought maybe some skin-to-skin with Mom would do the trick. Unfortunately, those few seconds I got to hold my baby would be the only seconds for the next 8 hours or so. He was wheeled off to the NICU for some special attention, and monitoring to be sure his breathing became regulated.

Those were the longest hours of my life. I remember wanting to do nothing but cry as the doctors came in to give us updates throughout the day. Eventually, right around dinner time I was able to hold my baby again and I didn't want to let him go.

Soon enough, he would be in our arms for good.

We love our Archie to the moon and back (but, feel free to call him by any number of his nick names: Archie Poo, Archibald, Archie Farchie, Archie Doodle, Arch, Archer (<-- okay this is his legal name), Archiekins, etc... they go on and on).

Better late than never on these photos to capture his two year old milestone, and boy did we have fun in the process!


{ps: yes, that is Archie throwing sand in the cover pic... how perfect was that placement?!}