Oh, Jillian.

When I first got her senior session booking, I had no idea what I was going to choose for a location. But, no worries everyone, that is totally normal for this photographer. I am the one who chooses the place we'll meet pretty close to your session date, and I have my reasons for that! But, when I found out about this amazing Sunflower Farm in Menomonee Falls I knew it was going to be perfect for her.

I feel like sometimes the stars align, and everything falls into place. This, was one of those times. The evening was gorgeous. Golden hour was stunning, and Jillian was more that perfect.

Now that I know how amazing these sunflowers are, you know where you can find me spending 90% of my time next August!

Oh, and also, CONGRATULATIONS on your senior year! Such an accomplishment, and you are going to do amazing things girlfriend! Good luck next year as you head off to college and the great beyond!