When you have a client come to you and ask for a session with her Daughter, Mother and Grandma you oblige without hesitation! How amazing is it to see four generations of women together?!

The littlest, Elle, has so much to learn from these ladies. The way they all love on her is something special, and it was clear during the session how much she has already taken from their lessons. She was confident and joyful, and it was infectious.

Allie was telling me about how she has photos like this from when she was her daughters age, with her Great-grandma, and how much she cherishes those memories. It is sessions like this that drive home how important photography is. It is capturing this moment in time, with all these women. It is giving them something they can cherish forever.

If you ever feel prepping and figuring out how to get your friends and family together for a session is overwhelming, remember how important it is, and how great you will feel afterwards when you have those memories forever.