Nora & Willa, two wonderfully perfect little girls. Jon & Ali, two amazing parents who have the worst luck with weather (**insert chuckle here**).

I have had the privilege to photograph this beautiful family three times, and each time we had some sort of weather impeding our ability to have a relaxing journey together. The first time, it was so bitter cold poor Nora was chittering her little teeth so hard we could hear it! The second time, it was some sort of horrible rain/snow mixture that started 1/2 way through. This time, it was literally severe thunderstorms that attempted to rain on our parade.

We showed up to glorious blue skies, after a day full of on and off rain. By the time I got little Willa wrapped the rain had consumed us, and we had to hang out in the car for a good 20 mins. When we all felt like we had a break, we dashed for the field and I have never snapped so fast in my life!

The next 20 mins went something like this.

"Oh, these are pretty orange flowers, let's start here. Above shot, side shot, angle shot, detail shots. Nora, can you come over here little darling, love on your sister, can you give her a kiss, can you brush her hair? Okay, Mom & Dad you go here okay lets all ALWAYS be smiling! Pretend it is a beautiful day. Nora, can you give Daddy a BIG bear hug? As big as you can! Nora, can you give me a little twirl? How about Mom, how much do you love her, can you show me? I know you want to show off that dress, you are so sweet! YAY! Great job everyone. And we're done."

Confidence is key in these situations. Knowing a flow and having a rhythm you can do you in your sleep for any session can get a gallery full of images under a number of challenging circumstances.

I want to thank Ali & Jon for trusting me throughout this shoot. We would not have all been out here if we didn't agree to the time and place leading up to the moments we arrived. We were all safe, and at the end, maybe a just a little wetter than we would have initially planned.

Also, congratulations to you and your family, Willa is absolutely precious.