Everyone had been asking me, literally EVERYONE, have you been to the Sunflower field yet??! NO!! I have not! Everytime I was asked I secretly was dying to get there. Finally, this past weekend we made it with my little brood to the Lannon Sunflower Farm in Menomonee Falls. We had a blast. While there were tons of bees, they didn't seem to care that we were there. Every flower we snipped, we just shook them off and sent them on their way.

An added gem was the Wildflower field, which was absolutely gorgeous. At one point, Emmett actually asked me to take his picture - bless your heart little one, you just made Mama's day!

If you get a chance to get out within the next week (or any other of the number of ones in the area) so it. It is a sight to see!