I loved my spotless house for the past 4 days...

as much as I love it when it toys clutter it from corner to corner...

Yesterday was the first day the boys were back with me after their amazing long weekend bonding with their Dad up in the UP of Michigan. They had a blast up there, and I knew they would (even though my anxiety was running on hyper drive the entire time they were gone). The house was SO QUIET, and yes so clean, but for the most part it was quiet and a bit lonely. It reminded me of all those years I lived alone, and some how managed to fill my time with endless hours of wasted moments - seriously, what the HECK did I do with all those years?!

I decided I would follow my kids around for the day and capture a few of my favorite moments. I haven't done it in forever, so felt they would oblige without too much push back.

A couple notes:

  • All toys of more than 5 pieces, MUST be properly dumped out on the floor before proceeding to play with them.
  • Color sorting is just another form of getting kids to help clean up
  • The adult game "blokus" is a solid 30 mins of fun, even when you're not playing the game
  • K'nex are pretty cool (yes, he did play with them the entire day... and still today)
  • You Tube can teach you anything
  • I've saved SO MUCH money after learning to cut my kids hair (and not just a buzz cut)
  • Get an indoor trampoline, you won't be disappointed
  • Learning my two year old can click his tongue was the best 5 mins of the day!
  • The face of a little boy sneaking Twizzlers is priceless
  • ALWAYS take photos of your kiddos on the potty (they'll thank you later, right?)
  • Running around the house in circles is not just a winter activity
  • A gentle reminder to not draw on the table, only on the paper, is always welcome